Monday, July 20, 2009

Firefox Add-On Creators Get Donation Button

Mozilla has announced a new pilot program is once in place will allow Firefox add-on developers to ask downloaders for donations for using their add-ons.

The new program, which Mozilla has aptly named "Contributions", has been in the planning stages since May. The program will provide developers an add-on tool that will allow them to add an optional "Contribute" button to the install process of every add-on they create.

discover cardNick Nguyen, Mozilla's director of add-ons tells Computerworld "The intent of this pilot is to provide an optional path for payments."

Mozilla has said that Contributions will be entirely optional and that there is no need to worry about the potential of developers now charging for your favorite add-ons. The initial program is set to launch as a pilot. With Mozilla developers and users to help support the program by providing their feedback.

How will payments work?

Contributions will be made through PayPal. Developers can optionally create a PayPal ID for each of their Firefox Add-ons. Users will be presented with a “Contribute” button that gives them the option of paying the suggested amount or a different amount. Again contributing is optional.

Does Mozilla earn a percentage from Contributions?

For this pilot, Mozilla will not earn a percentage of any contributions made by users. Developers will receive all the proceeds from contributions minus the PayPal transaction fee.

For more details on the program checkout the Mozilla Add-ons blog post - Firefox Add-ons Contributions Pilot

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