Saturday, July 25, 2009

Have A Need For Weed? iPhone's Got an App For That

Two L.A. based software engineers, Devin Calloway and Julian Cain, have made headlines this last week when their new iPhone app was approved by Apple. The new app which is designed to help medical marijuana users find the nearest medical marijuana dispensary as well as weed-friendly doctors and lawyers is appropriately titled "Cannabis".

The $2.99 app quickly became popular as many news sites jumped on the story and run several articles with catchy titles like "Need some weed? There's an app for that"(link) and "Need Medical Marijuana? Yep, iPhone's Got an App For That" (link) sold more than 1,000 units its its first few days of availability. The apps founders said they planned to put 50 cents of every purchase -- or 17% of the proceeds -- toward establishing a nonprofit organization dedicated to media outreach for the pro-pot cause.

Calloway is a founding member of which stands for Activists Justifying the Natural Agriculture of Ganja. According to Calloway, the website was the first comprehensive online map of legal cannabis distributors as well as doctors and attorneys in the U.S. when he launched it in 2006.

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