Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Intel 34nm SSDs Suffer Defective Firmware

Just days after their release Intel's new 34nm X25-M G2 "Postville" SSDs have been pulled from store shelves and are no longer being shipped by Intel. According to a blog post from OEM system builder Puget Systems the new SSDs suffer a serious firmware
defect that has been discovered in the first batch of drives shipped last week.

There is a defect in the units which causes data corruption if - and only if - a password is set on the drive in the system BIOS and then changed or disabled later.

Intel has halted shipments of the Postville SSDs until they have installed the new firmware and the problem is resolved. However, for those of you that might have already purchased the drive Intel has said you should be fine as long as you don't utilize a BIOS password on the drive. Intel advises consumers not to alter, delete, or create BIOS passwords until the drive is flashed with the update firmware.

The firmware can be downloaded here when it eventually goes live.

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