Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can't Get Into Google Voice, Try Ribbit Mobile

ribbit logoIf like me you've been dying to try out the new Google Voice but have yet to have the chance to get you in you might be interested in trying out Ribbit Mobile. Much like Google Voice, Ribbit Mobile is a virtual receptionist of sorts. The service allows you to setup multiple options for tacking you down via phone. From your one basic number you can ring multiple phones at once, meaning a caller simply calls your cell, home or office number and the call is instantly forwarded to any other numbers you provide.

Ribbit Mobile also gives you Web-based access to voicemail, and the feature I like the most it can transcribe messages into text and wil alert you via e-mail or SMS. You can also set notifications to SMS or e-mail you for missed calls even if your cellphone is off, another feature I love.

Other stuff that’s interesting about Ribbit Mobile: It has a “Caller ID 2.0″ feature that integrates your address book with feeds from sources like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in order to show you stuff about the people who have called you. It provides embeddable widgets that let people call you from within blogs, Facebook, and other sites.

Currently Ribbit is in a closed, invite only Beta, however I do have 10 invites that I'm willing to pass along to any of our readers that would like to try it out. Just email me a valid email address to RichardM@Geek-News.Net and I'll pass one along.


  1. Thanks for the post Richard! I wanted to let you and your readers know that there are also virtual phone services on the market that cater to small businesses. Full disclosure – I am the Product Marketing Manager of my1voice (www.my1voice.com), which is a virtual phone service targeted at entrepreneurs and small businesses. While free consumer services like Google Voice and Ribbit are great for helping individual users to never miss a call, only one user at a time can be connected to the single service phone number. Fortunately, all employees and departments in a company can also ensure they never miss an important customer call- no matter their physical location- thanks to virtual phone services for small business like my1voice.

  2. Hey Kevin, thanks for the comment and letting us know about the my1voice service.

    Having finally got a Google Voice invite and doing some side-by-side testing I can say so far I like Ribbit much more than GV. Ribbit did a much better job transcribing my voice mail, and sends you numbers for offline calls.

  3. Sorry everyone I'm actually out of Ribbit invites at this time. You can still email me and if they send me some more I'll pass them along.


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