Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wiresoft Offers $24,000 Bounty For Anyone That Can Hack The Firegate Firewall

Wiresoft is so confident in their Firegate hardware firewall that the company has decided to set forth a challenge to all you hackers out there. The company has launched the “Hack Us If You Can Challenge,” which will be open to everyone from November 16th onwards.

If you can hack into Wiresoft’s Firegate hardware firewall and get past its security, you’ll get a nice pot of cash: $24,000.

We feel so confident in our leading edge technology that we are challenging all and any who meet the qualifications to give it their best shot. You will be given twenty four hours to “hack “our Firewall and if you do the check is yours. It’s that simple or is it? Put us to the test and take the challenge. On November 16 at 12:00 PM EST visit our website at www.wiresoft.com to receive an application. Fill it out, agree to the terms and conditions and you will be on your way!! Good luck and let’s see how smart you really are.

Rules & Qualifications
  1. Must be a U.S.or Canadian citizen and working in the United States or Canada
  2. Must not have been convicted of a felony and application acknowledges allowance of a background check at Wiresoft’s discretion.
  3. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. Must provide name and address of present employer or school and proof of employment and or enrollment.
  5. This challenge is open to all consultants and independent contractors.
  6. Must provide a photocopy of a government issued photo identification.
  7. Must provide Wiresoft with a static IP address that will be used in the challenge
  8. Must provide name, address, phone, and email of the applicant.
  9. Must agree to stringent confidentiality terms which include: (1) not releasing any information to anyone if they successfully breach the firewall; (2) providing Wiresoft proof of breach by leaving a special message on the firewall; (3) providing Wiresoft with exact information of how they succeeded in the breach, enabling Wiresoft time to fix the breach, and then try to breach it again; and, (4) completely filling out the form provided that will be available on the WS website (containing all of the above information) and have the participant’s signature notarized and then sent hard copy via any means desired to WS company HQ.
  10. Winning applicant agrees that upon acceptance of prize monies, applicant will provide Wiresoft with up to 50 hours of consulting services at no charge to Wiresoft .
  11. Only one prize is available, which is $24,000, to be awarded to the first participant, if any, to breach our firewall and otherwise comply with the rules, qualifications and procedures of this challenge.
  12. Any winning applicant will be solely responsible for all taxes, whether local, county, state and federal taxes and in no way will hold Wiresoft or its officers, employees, sister companies and all companies that have partnered with Wiresoft in promoting the challenge responsible for any taxes due on the applicants winnings.
  13. Applicant will not share with any third party any information whatsoever regarding how it successfully breached the platform without the prior express written consent of Wiresoft’s. This includes all and any social media, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Blogging of any kind, any print media, phone or personnel interviews, email, radio, TV, webinar, texting or any other use of communication medium unless approved by Wiresoft in writing.
  14. Any prize monies paid out will be in US Dollars.
  15. Any activity of a criminal or fraudulent nature while participating in the challenge will result in the immediate elimination of the applicant and the forfeiture of any winnings that may have been won by the applicant.
  16. Wiresoft will not be responsible for any agreements that result in the dispute of winnings to various applicants acting as one and Wiresoft will be held harmless in any/all legal procedures that may result from such collaboration.
  17. Wiresoft reserves the right to pay out all winnings only after Wiresoft has investigated thoroughly that all rules, qualifications and eligibility requirement were followed/ fulfilled. Wiresoft will make all determinations in its sole discretion regarding this challenge, including regarding participant eligibility, compliance with rules, qualifications and procedures and whether any participant is entitled to receive the $24,000 prize.
  18. Any applicant who uses stolen or unauthorized use of any technology equipment will be eliminated from the contest and or will forfeit all winnings.
  19. At no time will “crashing” the platform constitute a successful breach .Winning applicant must get in and get out to be successful and to claim the prize money.
  20. Present and or past employees of Wiresoft and their immediate family are not eligible to participate.

  1. Complete and send application to Wiresoft.
  2. Wiresoft will acknowledge via email of receipt of application and provide participant with a general idea of when they can expect to receive the “start the process” email.
  3. Wiresoft will send applicant a link where they will have to enter a user name and password in order to gain access to the IP address for a Firegate. Any IP address being used by a participant that does not match the IP address on the application will be denied access to the Firegate.
  4. Participant will have 24 hours from time and date of email sent by Wiresoft to break through the Firegate firewall. Email will be sent to the participant prior to noon in their respective time zone.
  5. If a breach is achieved, the participant will be directed to perform a certain function that will notify Wiresoft of the breach and will not under ANY circumstances communicate the procedures, pathway or circumstances of the breach to any person, company or agency other than to Wiresoft directly. Doing so will result in the forfeiture of all winnings.
  6. The time period will not begin on a Friday or on a day before a national holiday.

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