Saturday, November 21, 2009

Find Free iPhone, iPod, iMac And Mac Mini Repair Guides At iFixit

DIY'ers are all the same we all love to tear into broken gadgets and try to fix them ourselves and with most devices you can. Sometimes though you'll find you need a disassembly guide or perhaps even some troubleshooting techniques. Well if you're an Apple product owner (iPhone, iPod, iMac or Mac Mini) then the fine folks at have just what you want.

iFixit has just released over 240 repair guides, complete with in-depth disassembly guides, troubleshooting techniques, and even photos. These handy guides are super easy to follow, give detailed step by step techniques and provide tons of information. Each guide is very user friendly and very well written, in not too technical or geeky jargon.

Along with the step by step guide there is a list of tools need that also features a color coded guide as to which tool is need for which part. At the bottom of each guide there's a nice section for notes that can be added by other users providing some first hand experience.

The site is indeed very useful for anyone that might have an Apple Gadget that is no longer covered under warranty or for that Geek that just likes tearing things apart.

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