Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MSI Announces Afterburner Overclocking Competition

MSI and Guru3D want to see how far you can OC your GPU

Sick and tired of the cliché that the overclocking competitions are always chasing for the highest performance? What about competing the overclocking percentage this time? MSI - the world leading graphics card and mainboard brand-manufacturer and Guru3D - the world famous graphics card review site, will hold an "afterburner overclocking competition" together. Different kinds of GPUs and different levels of graphics cards can compete in the same competition this time. We "only" compete for the maximum overclocking percentage, and the winner may be not the one who gets the highest 3DMark score! Using N220GT-MD1G to beat R5870-PM2D1G up will no longer be a dream!

Starting from 2009/11/18 to 2009/12/18, players can log in the discussion thread of "MSI afterburner overclocking competition" in the forums of Guru3D and post one system picture as well as one screenshot that includes MSI afterburner overclocking v1.30 and 600 seconds of Furmark burning test by one of the MSI N9000/N200/R4000/R5000 series graphics cards.*

After deadline, MSI will award the top 3 winners based on their overclocking percentage with the prizes including the most exciting products like: MSI R5870-PM2D1G, MSI BigBang Fuzion, and MSI N275GTX Lightning. MSI will also choose 3 lucky people from the rest players to give away limited N9600GT Diamond graphics card.

Besides "Afterburner overclocking competition", MSI will also hold an "Afterburner skin competition", players get to upload the skin that is designed by themselves to the discussion thread of "Afterburner skin competition" for members in Guru3D forum to vote for their favorite skin. MSI will provide prizes including MSI P55-GD80, MSI R4890 Cyclone OC, and MSI N260GTX-T2D896-OC for the top 3 skins winner. Moreover, 3 lucky participants can also earn the N9600GT Diamond graphics cards provided by MSI for joining the vote.

How can you not attract by all these prizes and crazy ideas? Click and join us now: (Click here) Prepare one MSI qualified graphics card to see how far you can reach or design some incredible skins for afterburner to win prizes right away!

Source: MSI

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