Monday, November 30, 2009

Woot Builds A Community Based Deals Site

Leave it to the crazy folks that brought us the Woot Off to jump headlong into a community based deals site. That's right the bargain site is creating a new user-generated site apply names Deals.Woot

Deals.Woot is a social bookmarking/forum version of Woot that, much like our other favorite deals sites, lets users post, vote and discuss deals.

The site itself was launched just before the holiday shopping season, and features a familiar Woot(esq) feel. The top of the site currently features a frame with five "Sponsored Deals." The deals aren't chosen by the users (in this case, money does talk), but the community can still comment.

The bottom of the site features the more familiar thread look with user generated deals and discussion. Deals can be listed via freshness or popularity with either being broken down a little further according to other parameters such as most votes, most comments ect. Popular deals are broken down according to days, weeks ect and according to Deals.Woot are listed not by actual user popularity but popularity based on their "fancy algorithm". I take that to mean most discussion and most clickthroughs.

In My opinion (IMO)

Just browsing the site I don't are for the layout much. I personally prefer the forum structure of SlickDeals or FatWallet. The search function worked well enough, however I had to tinker with it to get more relevant posts.

I checked a few deals that I found interesting and found several bad or dead links and what looks like several spam posts. When I say spam posts I mean several members that only posted deals from a single site and none of the sites where sites I've heard of.

Given a bit more moderation and a bit more structure the site might not be that bad. After all it is from the same guys that gave us Woot, Sellout.Woot and Wine.Woot.

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