Thursday, June 09, 2011

3 Great Gift Ideas For Geeky Dads

The following is a guest post by Maria Rainier a freelance writer and blog junkie. In her spare time Maria enjoys yoga, playing piano and working with origami.

Father’s day is right around the corner and whether it’s for your husband or your father many of us are still scrambling for the perfect gift. Here are three great father’s day gift ideas for those Geeky dads.

1. Apple iPad2

Apple’s iPad 2 is still the gold standard when it comes to the tablet market. Apple has managed to engineer one of the thinnest and lightest pieces of hardware while still giving it the power to handle HD video and web browsing with ease. This coupled with the iTunes app store and it’s virtually infinite number of apps with new ones being added each day and it’s a hard package to pass up. It’s not without its issues, a lack of flash video content for example and its IOS being geared more towards consumption than work. Still, at a starting price of only $499 for the 16gb wifi only option it’s a great gift that’s pretty adorable.

2. Personalized T-Shirt From Sites Like Custom Ink

One great fathers day gift idea is to use the create a T-shirt tool at sites like to create a one of a kind T-shirt. Choose one of his favorite quotes or maybe a phrase from their favorite video game, then just choose the font and how large to make the letters. The prices may vary slightly depending on the size and material of the shirt. No individual shirt costs more than 30 dollars and every order ships free.

3. Samsung Droid Charge

The Droid Charge is an Android powered smartphone created by Samsung exclusively for Verizon Wireless. It features a 1ghz single-core Humming bird processor and 512 mbs of RAM. The Droid Charge sports an absolutely stunning 4.3 inch super AMOLED plus display, which is the most advanced display available on any smartphone. It also features an 8 mega-pixel camera that’s capable of shooting HD video. Its ability to take advantage of Verizon’s stunningly fast 4G LTE network coupled with the power of Android make this one a no brainer. The Droid Charge us available directly from Verizon for $299.

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