Thursday, June 30, 2011

MoviePass Offers Unlimited Movie Tickets For $50 Per Month

All you movie geeks out there take notice there is a new service opening up this week that is right up your alley! MoviePass, is a new service scheduled to launch this week in San Francisco California.

For $50 a month users will be able to see as many movies as they want at one of the "at hundreds of cinema locations" that are currently participating. Simply download an app to your iPhone, Android or other smartphone, make your reservation and go. That's it!

From your smartphone you can search for a film, find a local show time, check in to the theater and go straight to the ticket-taker with your reservation confirmation number. If you want to see a 3-D or Imax film, you will have the option to pay a $3 surcharge. Eventually there will also be the option of a “limited pass” offering four movies a month for $30.

“MoviePass makes spur-of-the-moment movie-going as simple as choosing a film on the phone and checking in at the theater,” said MoviePass co-founder Stacy Spikes. “No more waiting in line.”

Currently MoviePass is running in beta and has only been rolled out to a dozen or so movie theaters in the San Francisco Bay area, with plans to roll out into other cities over summer. Exact locations and participating theaters aren't listed at this time.So you might be hit and miss at to which theaters you'll be able to visit.

My thoughts:

Would you pay $50 a month for all the movies you can see? Right about now, when all the big movies are hitting the screen, it might be well worth it for a single person, high schooler ect to pay the fee. You could easily watch 4-5 movies a month making the pass well worth the cost.

For a busy body or small family though it really wouldn't be feasible. You might get 1-2 movies in per month and in most cases you could get better deals going to matinees. During the off times when you don't see as many blockbusters in theaters you might also have a hard time recouping the cost. So while I like the unlimited movies idea I'm not sure the price range would be worth it for most people.

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