Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tom's Hardware Wants To Back You On Manufacturer Issues And Returns

What geek hasn't had an issue dealing with an RMA? Or perhaps a support issue like needing updated drivers. Well Tom's Hardware is launching a new program geared towards backing their readers and hopefully helping you to resolve some of your issues.

Tom’s Hardware is introducing, Tom's Advocate, a new feature that lets you write in about your situation (hopefully with all of the relevant warranty information, photos, and contact information), and the company will contact one of the many manufacturing reps that have in their contact list on your behalf.

Tom's won't promise a response to every single email that comes in, nor will they guarantee a favorable resolution. But this could be a great way to get your voice heard and get a vendors attention after-all most companies want to do right by their customers and avoid any bad press along the way.

So if you have a grievance you think they can help with drop an email with as much info as you can provide to advocate[at]bestofmedia.com. The information you need are make and model numbers, retailer information, warranty details, and any other specifics you can provide. You might also want to include any background information you can give. And don't forget to give them all your contact info.

Tom's Advocate: Got A Manufacturer Grievance?

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