Thursday, June 02, 2011

Get 50% Off Motorola Hands Free Devices

To help foster awareness of National Safe Driving Month Motorola has teamed with several local law enforcement agencies to reward responsible drivers that pledge to be “Responsible on the Road” by using hands-free technology if they need to communicate while driving. In honor of the program Motorola Mobility, Inc. will reward drivers a coupon good for up to 50% off select Motorola hands-free devices. All you have to do is visit during the month of June and pledge to be “Responsible on the Road”.

They have the promotion on their front page at the Motorola Store so if you don't want to "register" through Facebook simply find a hands free device you like and enter the promo code HNDSFREE at checkout

To further underscore the importance of responsible driving and reinforce local or state laws that restrict or ban the use of hand-held devices while driving, select cities will conduct Motorola Responsibility on the Road events throughout the month of June. The events are aimed at educating drivers on hands-free laws and reward those who pledge to drive responsibly with a hands-free device.

Those interested in the program or offer you can visit for more details.

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