Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Acer Plans To Be The First To Launch Chrome OS Netbook In 2010

Digitimes today reported that Acer plans to launch a Chrome OS based netbook in 2H10.According to the report Acer chairman JT Wang expressed confidence that Acer will be the first vendor to officially launch Chrome-based netbook to the end user market.

Acer has been well known to be an early adopter as they were first first-tier vendor to launch a Google Android-based netbook in the market.

Acer might have some competition in being the first company to launch a Chrome OS based unit as a group of Dell employees have already created a build that is compatible with the Dell Mini 10. Dell hasn't officially said they are working on build however it is reasonable to assume that given enough support they would be interested in taking up the project.

Google's Chromium OS source code was released to the public late late month with Google pormising that new devices would be ready by this time next year.

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