Monday, December 21, 2009

Barnes & Noble Offering $100 Gift Certificate For Nook Shipping Delay

Barnes & Noble announced today that the company will be giving $100 gift certificates to Nook e-reader buyers who placed pre-orders for the popular e-reader expecting the devices to be delivered before the holidays.  The overwhelming demand for the devices means the company won't be able to make all the delivery deadlines and several customers won't receive their Nooks until after Christmas.

Barnes & Noble said that they are working hard to ensure that most customers who pre-ordered the Nook would receive their device in time for Christmas but with today's announcement the company had to concede that delays which they said affected "a very small percentage of customers" meant that several people may not receive their Nook in time for Christmas Eve. In that event the company is going to provide those customers with a $100 gift certificate — representing more than a third of the value of the Nook.

The company blames the problems on higher than expected demand for the Nook.

Nook supply is so thin that devices ordered today won't ship until Feb. 1, according to Barnes & Noble's Web site. The bookseller has had to change the ship date several times since introducing the $259 product Oct. 20. Orders placed before Nov. 20 were promised by Dec. 24.

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