Thursday, December 03, 2009

Walmart To Offer $50 Walmart Gift Card With Wii Purchase

In an attempt at getting more gamers through the door Walmart and many more of the nation's largest retailers are using deals to lure customer to their stores.

Reuters reports that beginning December 5th Walmart will be offering a $50 Walmart Gift Card with the purchase of the Nintendo Wii for $199. Walmart has also cut prices on several popular video games by as much $10 each.

Now through December 24, Walmart will sell "Rock Band: Beatles" for the Wii for $40, down from $50, and it will offer "Left 4 Dead 2" for Microsoft's Xbox 360 for $50, compared with its previous price of $60.

Nintendo reported that they sold more than 550,000 Wii consoles during the week of Thanksgiving, so far topping the console sales charts. The down side being sales dropped some 30 percent from the estimated 800,000 or so the company sold during the same period in 2008. Trends suggest more consumers are buying frugally this holiday season and are so far are shunning the big ticket items.

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