Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ticktetmaster.com Finally Adds Interactive Seating Map

One of the biggest gripes of buying tickets online via Ticketmaster was the lack of seating selections. Generally you were limited to sorting tickets via price or level and then you were given the option to buy what the system chose as the best available. Often times even those these seats were a row lower, or a section over from other available they weren't the "best" option out there.

Gone are the days of that hassle! Recently the ticket giant introduced an interactive seating map. The new map is full of great features that will help you look through all the available seating so you can find the perfect seat for your next concert or sporting events.

This useful interactive guide will show you exactly how it all works, but the key benefits are that it allows you to view available seats in each section row by row seat by seat. No longer do you have to guess as to how far away from the aisle you are, or wonder if there are seats one row back closer to the middle of the Arena.

The seating map is still listed as being in beta so its not going to be available for all events but it was available for several of the sporting events I browsed. Ticketmaster hasn't officially announced the new feature, in fact it looks like it just went live today. So don't be surprised if your event doesn't have an interactive map. I'll try to get more details on future roll outs ASAP.

My thoughts

I'll definitely give Ticketmaster kudos for this one. I've complained for years about the poor seat selection process through their website. I can't wait to see if they do a full rollout on this and expand it to include all their events and venues. Now if we could just get them to drop some of their processing fees I'd be a full on supported!

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