Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apple Tablet Has $100,000 Bounty

For any off you crazy Apple testers out there that are insane enough to risk a major lawsuit for violating you nondisclosure agreement Valleywag is offering up to $100,000—yes, One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars, if you will provide them with actual proof the Apple tablet exists.

Here's the low down on the payout:

$10,000 for bona fide pictures.
$20,000 for video of one in action.
$50,000 for pictures or video of Steve Jobs holding one.
$100,000 to let us play with one for an hour.

The money will be paid after the tablet is revealed and the material is proven to be the real McCoy.

Personally I don't put much weight behind the offer, as obviously no one in their right mind would want to face down an Apple lawsuit. It looks to me like nothing more than a publicity stunt to either bolster Valleywag readership or add more fuel to the Apple tablet fire. But it still strikes me as an intriguing idea.

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