Friday, January 29, 2010

Write For Us

Help us to grow our blog and expand our audience! We are looking for guest bloggers that are willing to write posts about various geek related topics. Topics can be almost anything of your choosing as long as they cover something relevant to our blog. In return we will give you full credit for your post with your name, the name of your website or blog and a backlink to your website or blog.

The rules - read them!
  • Please do not submit duplicate or stolen articles! Your post must be fresh content written by you!
  • Provide sources! We want sources to back your information, please provide links for quotes, press statements or other information from another reputable source to back any claims you make. We will fact check all incoming posts!
  • Provide all the essential materials. If you need an image, video, pdf or some other content added then please add your none copyrighted material and or files and include them in your email (we will host them).
How to submit a guest post
   Send your post via email to me @ RichardM@Geek-News.Net Please include:
  1. your full name and contact information
  2. the exact name of your website/blog
  3. the URL of your website/blog or the page you want your post to link to
  4. your properly formatted post - proofread and ready to go

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