Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Packet 8 VoIP Service Down

The web is a buzz with Packet 8 VoIP users looking for answers as to whats going on with their service.

Several users in the DSLReports VoIP forum as well as several Twitter users have independently reported that VoIP operator Packet8 appears to be completely offline. Apparently whatever the issue is it is not just affecting their customers services but the company's websites as both packet8.net and 8x8.com appear to be down.

From the latest info given by forum members customers aren't getting much in the way of answers. When they call in the company says they're working on the issue, but has yet to offer specifics. Several other users have reported that Packet 8 isn't even bothering to answering their phones. (Packet 8 customer service 888-898-8733)

We'll continue to investigate and see if we can find any answers for our readers so stay tuned!

Update: As of an hour ago, the company posted the following statement about the issues:

At this time, due to an IP issue with our underlying carriers some customers may be experiencing a loss of phone service. We know of a few internet providers still affected by this issue. These currently include but are not limited to Cox, Comcast, Roadrunner, and AT&T. Our teams are currently working with our underlying carriers to quickly resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
Thank you.

Packet8 Operations.

Follow-up: January 12th 2010 3:45PM PST
Packet 8 has posted the following statement in-regards to today's outage

Today we experienced a disruption in our services that impacted your voice service. The outage appears to have been caused by a data failure with one of our underlying carriers, and we are working on identifying the root cause and why our backup services did not failover as they are designed to do. Service has since been restored to most of our customers, and we are in the process of fully restoring service to all customers. We know of a few internet providers still affected by this issue. These currently include but are not limited to Cox, Comcast, Roadrunner, and AT&T.

If you are currently without service, please unplug the power connection to your 8x8 equipment, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect the power connection. We understand the importance of providing reliable phone service to you and deeply regret the interruption this issue has caused. Delivering on, and exceeding, the service level goals we set for ourselves is our top priority. We value your business and thank you for your patience.

Thank you
8x8 Operations

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  1. VoIP outages generally don't last that long and they have become less frequent. If you can't live with even the smallest outage then build redundancy into your system, otherwise hope the outage does not last too long.

    In some fields 100% redundancy is a must, Sky Diving is one that comes to mind.



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