Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tom's Hardware Updates GPU Charts

One of the features I love on Tom's Hardware has to be their GPU charts. If you aren't familiar with Tom's performance charts they give a side-by-side comparison of several different GPUs (and CPUs) running various benchmarks, applications and games.

Late last week Tom's announced that they had updated their Graphics Card Charts to not only feature several of the newest GPUs but to also include some of the older mainstream cards. With the newly added and updated charts Tom's now features 15 charts in all, varying from cards dating back to 2005 to the newest offerings from AMD and NVIDIA.

*Updated (8/31/2012)

Tom's Graphics Cards Charts

Anyone looking to buy a new GPU or build a new PC should checkout the charts before spending their hard earned cash on a new card. The side-by-side comparisons really give you a good look at the best bang for your gaming buck.

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