Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apple Event Invite Hints At iPad Mini

There has been much speculation and rumors about what Apple might be unveiling during their previously rumored Oct 23rd event. However, following the issuance of event invites today it appears as though it might be all but confirmed that Apple will be presenting the iPad Mini. Or we could be way off base and Apple who is well known for secrecy might have something else altogether up their sleeve. Either way in true Apple fashion it is likely that we'll see more than one device introduced. So consumers should also expect news on something like a refresh to the Mac Mini lineup or even a Retina Macbook Pro or perhaps even something else entirely new and different, sometimes with Apple you just don't know.

The invitation (seen below) simply states that Apple has “a little more to show” which could be a major play on words, or it could be signaling that the event is all about updating and showing off their little or mini devices.

For those following along with the iPad Mini rumors the device is said to be a e 7.85″ iOS device. It has been speculated that it will go on November 2nd starting at $249 and offer the same incremental price and feature options as the iPhone and iPad. Apple Insider speculates that Apple is plotting two dozen iPad configurations, with expectations that the $250 model will feature a mere 8GBs of storage and come in either black or white.

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