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Top 3 Software Essentials For Freelance Illustrators

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Illustrator programs give freelance artists and graphic designers the edge on creativity. By illustrating directly on a computer, artists are able to use a selection of applications that help create unique and conventional art. Even amateur artists can better their skills through state-of-the-art programs. From easy layout and graphic designs to sophisticated vector images, illustrator programs can do it all for you.

Here are the top 3 must have programs for artists pro and amateur alike.

3. Xara Designer Pro 7

Graphic designers and layout artists today require the use of software editing photos and pages to get their works the professional feel. Xara Designer Pro 7 does this for you. With user-friendly features and tools at your service, this graphic design software will help young and aspiring artists fine imaging quality without difficulties and complications.

This designer software is best for minimalists and consolidators alike. Unlike other graphic editing programs, Xara Designer Pro 7 is not a suite. All features are included in one single program. You don't have to switch to different components of a suite just to get desired results or use exclusive applications.

So many wonderful features are present like the Design Gallery- a collection of templates for many uses like photo albums, calling cards, brochures, invitations, calendars, and many more. They can even be customized according to your preferences. Use this feature if you wish to explore the basic workarounds of this program. Panorama tool is very helpful for landscape artists or scenery photographers. This feature collates from two to six of your photos side by side and transforms it into one piece of work.

Xara Designer Pro 7 enables artists to make basic to sophisticated designs. With webpage layouts and 3D effects giving your work more details and style. All is in one application, and this is what's best in this software.

2. CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6

When it comes to photo-editing and illustrating programs, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 features seven different applications- CorelDraw, Corel PowerTrace, Corel Wbsite Creator, Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Capture, Corel Connect and Photozoom Pro 2. This powerful graphic design software will help you achieve superb quality results with its ingenious features.

Although you have to open individual applications for different tasks, CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 doesn't disappoint. Each application houses many imaging features and tools if artists want to use complex designs in illustrating, 3D imaging, editing videos, web designing, and more. Albeit more complicated to use, manuals and forums will help artists adapt to Corel's workspace. With experience and further use, mastering the tools and features of this program can become an easy task.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 comes up with fresh features and tools to give artists complex vector graphics and sophisticated designs. It's a very impressive graphics suite that's very powerful and creative.

1. Adobe Creative Suite 6

Coming in at number 1, Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard wins the competition by bringing art and technology into one powerful suite. Digital media creation has been done easy with an all-encompassing design suite. It comes with a vast collection of features and tools that will greatly benefit professional and amateur artists alike. As there are so many functions it provides, there is a steep learning curve if you wish to use the suite to its full potential.

Here's how image editing, illustrating, and publishing work in the suite:

Photoshop is the best image editing software for use in print and digital media. Retouch scanned pictures using different tools and procedures present in the application. Adobe Mercury Graphics engine is a welcomed addition to the suite. As it takes advantage of your graphics processing unit, editing and enhancing photos are done blazingly fast! With unparalleled speed and infinite productivity, Photoshop in CS6 is a crowning glory in the suite.

While Photoshop gives you means to edit images, Illustrator helps you make one. A vector graphics software that gives you the edge on illustrating complex files with precision and speed, this application is a must have for you artists! No question there. With its latest incarnation in the suite, it does illustrating jobs with more organization and more power.

Another gem for the suite is InDesign, a flexible publishing program that helps you make award winning pages. Creating typography and design in pixel-perfect control is something to be proud about. What more if you can create elegant pages for print and digital media? With a new adaptive design tool in the upgrade, publishing can be done in a jiffy!

All the applications you want for your illustrating needs are in this suite. With a whole new experience in speed and innovation from Adobe, your computer is your canvass. Work on your graphic designs, publish pages in style, and illustrate in the most creative ways possible. With intuitive and advanced features of this creative suite, Adobe Creative Suite 6 is a must have for all creative designers in the world today.

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