Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Three Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Refurbished Laptop

There are more and more companies now offering refurbished laptops for sale and they certainly have their advantages. However many people are often put off by the term 'refurbished' as they often mistake it with the term 'used'. In reality though, they are two totally different entities. When a person purchases goods that are 'used' they generally purchase that item 'as is'. Alternatively when you buy a 'refurbished' item you are generally buying something that has been thoroughly tested, cleaned and in the case of laptops sometimes even upgraded. In other words it is at the very least brought back up to standard.

So with this in mind, what other reasons might you consider purchasing a refurbished laptop?


This is most definitely a key factor for many people and even though laptops have come down in price in recent years, the consumer is generally looking to get the most for their hard earned cash. When it comes to cost, you can pick up a refurbished laptop for anywhere between 25% and 60% off the recommended retail price. It is important to remember also that the term 'refurbished' doesn't have to mean a machine that's a couple of years old. In fact, some companies offer refurbished items that have simply been store returns. This could be through unwanted gifts, or that they didn't fit the buyer's specifications. In these instances the laptop is virtually box new.

Bang for your Buck

Many laptops that are refurbished for resale are of high specification. This means that as a potential customer your £300 or £400 may get you a far more expensive computer with higher specifications that may otherwise cost you two or three times this amount if bought from new. In other words you can certainly get a lot more bang for your buck. Purchasing refurbished gives you the chance to buy in budget without having to sacrifice any of the features you are looking for.

Parts Warranty Coverage

Having a secondary or back-up laptop is a good idea if you work from home, or are a traveling student, or alternatively are simply looking to purchase a computer for the kids to do their homework on. You may not want to spend too much cash on a laptop, but need it to be of a high enough spec so that it does what you want it to do. This can be expensive if you insist on buying new. However with a refurbished model, you can achieve all of this for a much smaller budget. In addition to this, similarly to many PC retailers, refurbishment companies will offer some form of parts warranty (normally a minimum of three months and sometimes up to three years) meaning that any purchaser can feel safe in the knowledge that should something happen, their laptop is covered.

For many companies offering refurbished laptops for sale, it will probably come as no surprise that they are seeing an increase in customers, especially with such good deals to be had. You could well be surprised at what you can get for your money and indeed the choice on offer. If you want a great deal check out SCH Trade's range of refurbished laptops.

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