Thursday, October 11, 2012

Google Gives Street View Its "Biggest Update Ever"

Google announced today that the company has given Street View what it is dubbing the service's "biggest update ever"more than doubling the number of special collections coverage and broadening the service in 11 countries, including the U.S., Sweden, the U.K., Italy and Singapore, and special collections have been launched for South Africa, Japan, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico and other countries. In all Google has updated over 250,000 miles of roads around the world.

With today's update you can now use Google Maps to explore more new featured attractions and new places around the globe, including parks, city centers, castles and tourist attractions like Catherine Palace and Ferapontov monastery in Russia, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan, or Stanley Park in Vancouver. You can even walk through the urban jungle of Singapore's Fort Canning Park.

With the addition of the new locations Google has amassed an amazing gallery of Street View Collections. You can now travel through Antarctica, dive the ocean, ski down some of your favorite ski slopes and even grab a birds eye view of your favorite theme parks or universities.

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