Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Create A Job This Holiday Season Shop Retail

Un-Employment and job creation has been a hot-button issue during this year's presidential debates. Much discussion has been made over each candidate's ability to put good hard working American's back to work. Well I say let's start the movement ourselves!

How you can help you say? It's easy! Shop retailers instead of on-line!

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching. Traditionally this time of year is one in which the retail and hospitality job markets open up and several people gain short term employment. Sure its low scale, and sure it may only be temporary, but hey we have to start somewhere.

Over the past several years big box retailers have seen steady declines in sales. Yeah most of the recent drop is due to the bad economy but the decline started well before that. Online retailers such as Amazon, Newegg, and Overstock have cut into those sales significantly. These lower in-stores sales number mean the stores are hiring fewer employees, fewer employees means less job opportunities which means higher un-employment.

Unfortunately fewer shoppers in-store not only impacts the stores you visit but also other locations like restaurants, coffee shops and fast food places. You see when you get out and shop you are more likely to stop into other places as well. So less shoppers means less customers for other convenience locations as well. This again means they will higher fewer employees.

So what about creating jobs? Well like I said its simple, get out and shop!

I know I know shopping online is much more convenient. I'll admit dealing with crowds and standing in those long lines isn't the most fun and sure sometimes you can get a better deal online. Some of that has changed though. Best Buy and Target have both announced that they will price match on-line competitors this holiday season. So you might be able to get that smoking hot deal on that new laptop or TV and be able to take it home with you right then and there. As for dealing with crowds, well that just can't be helped, though packing the stores is really the point here. The more people we pack in the more jobs that could be created.

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