Friday, February 15, 2008

Best Buy Laptop Lawsuit

The $54 million're joking right!

In what can only be stated as a publicity stunt Raelyn Campbell is suing Best Buy for loosing her laptop. On her blog, she admitted that the $54 million in damages she was seeking was an "absurd amount," but said that she chose such a large sum in order to draw attention to the problem.

She's not trying to draw attention to the problem she's trying to gain attention for herself at Best Buy's expense. If she only wanted to draw attention to the problem then why sue for $54 million, a million would be sufficient.

Now don't get me wrong, I loath Best Buy and Geek Squad, and have been very out spoken about their shady business practices in the past. And while I do think she is entitled to adequate compensation as well as an explanation of what happened to her laptop I in know way agree with taking the position of suing just to make headlines.

For those interested in the full story you can check out the story MSNBC's Red Tape Chronicles.

I know it has been well over a year since this case drew public attention however I recently received an email asking for some follow-up. Thanks to Ron btw for that.

The case never made it that far. Washington Post blogger Raw Fisher posted some details and follow-up on his.

In that post he points out that a D.C. Superior Court judge has tossed out Campbell's case. Apparently she had whittled her demand down to $100,000 and "a full explanation" of whatever happened to her laptop at Best Buy's Tenleytown store. But in the end the judge tossed out the frivolous case and she got no money at all.

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