Monday, February 11, 2008

Vista SP1 Integration Update

Slipstreaming Vista SP1

I've received several questions since my last post "Vlite Vista SP1 Integration". As I mentioned in that previous post, the folks over at have the only comprehensive guide to SP1 integration. Yesterday they updated the guide with a little more information for those that are still seeking answers.

The latest post "Windows Vista SP1 Slipstreaming FAQ" quotes Kevin Remde from Microsoft and his Technet blog post "I can't do WHAT?! Why can't I create my own slipstreamed installation of Windows Vista SP1?".

As you can see the reverse integration method used by the folks at is currently the only method that will work! Vlite will still work for creating the ISO and ultimately creating the DVD, however you won't be able to remove unwanted Vista or Vista SP1 components.

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