Monday, February 25, 2008

Intel Vs AMD, The Updated Version

With emerging technologies coming out so quickly its always hard to stay on top of the latest and greatest. Finding accurate updated comparisons of Intel and AMD's CPUs is no different.

There are several sites on the web that have posted great articles comparing the best of the best from both companies. And doing a quick Google search turns up many great results. However articles such as "AMD vs. Intel: What to Get? Which is Better?" posted on back in Aug. 2007 or "Intel vs. AMD: Today's generation compared" posted on The Tech Report in March 2007 aren't going to be very useful given the fact that we now have several new CPUs on the market.

In fact one of the top hits shown on Google was from Thew article titled "CNET prizefight: AMD vs. Intel dual-core CPUs" is from 2005. While it was a decent article back then it really shows little relevance to todays market.

To avoid the pitfalls of finding outdated material I recommend looking at two sites that are constantly updating.

The first would be Tom's Hardware, they have CPU charts dated from 2004-2007 (with '08 CPUs). The 2007 Interactive CPU Chart allows users to compare most of the popular CPUs on the market today.

The second site is the PassMark CPU Benchmarks at PassMark is a hardware benchmark utility that allows users to test and compare the performance of their computers to a number of standard 'baseline' computers. The charts provides a visual guide of CPU rankings from low-end to high-end CPUs.

Both charts provide accurate, easy to use impartial information. The PassMark chart doesn't allow for comparison within common programs as Tom's Hardware does however for the beginner its a great place to start. I highly recommend either one for anyone from beginner to advanced as a guide on which CPU would best fit their budget for their next PC.

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