Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Web's Best Laptop CPU Guides

Confused about laptop CPU choices? I'll be the first to tell you you aren't alone. I've been shopping around for a good laptop on a reasonable budget for months now and the 20-30 different CPU choices out there leave your head spinning. And if a technophile like me is confused then how can the average consumer fare?

Luckily I've found a few great guides that will help answer some of those questions and guide you along the way to making the informed choice. The guys over at NotebookReview.com, NotebookCheck.net and Tom's Hardware have built a couple great guides. Some with benchmarks and side by side comparisons and some just well written guides that everyone interested in buying a laptop should checkout.

First off is the "The Ultimate CPU Guide" from NotebookReview.com. This very informative guide provides a breakdown of both AMD and Intel CPU's from the older Celeron M 520 to the new Core 2 Extreme X9000.

Second is the Mobile CPU Benchmark Chart from NotebookCheck.com. This is a sorted and filtered table of the best-known laptop processors. It contains technical information such as model, codename, speed ratings, cache ratings, front side bus (FSB) Thermal Design Power (TDP) and average benchmark values.

Last but not least are the interactive Mobile CPU 2007 and 2008 Charts from Tom's Hardware. Unfortunately these charts are very limited to only a few processors. However they give some real life side by side comparisons. A great tool for beginners and advanced users alike.


  1. sir, notebookcheck have kept the amd a8 4500m processors under the core i3s and cpubenchmark.com have put them above some of the i5s. which of them is more reliable?

    1. I take benchmarks on mobile chips with a grain of salt. They are more meant for a baseline to give users an idea of what to expect. You really have to look at the overall picture and check out some of the real world reviews to get an accurate comparison.


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