Tuesday, February 12, 2008

File-Sharing In The UK , Lose Your Internet Access

Illegal file sharers in the UK who go online and illegally download music and films may have their internet access cut under plans the government is considering.

Reports from the BBC News indicate that the British government is considering plans that would require internet service providers to take action over users who access pirated material via their accounts or face be prosecution, and the details of customers suspected of making illegal downloads made available to the courts.

It is estimated that six million people a year are downloading files illegally in the UK. At a cost of millions of pounds in lost revenues to music and film companies. The BPI (similar to the RIAA), the trade body that represents the UK record industry, said internet providers had "done little or nothing to address illegal downloading via their networks".

Representatives from the Internet Service Providers Association have countered by saying "ISPs are no more able to inspect and filter every single packet passing across their network than the Post Office is able to open every envelope."

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