Friday, April 25, 2008

Fellow Beer Drinkers Take Note

Finally, a Website for Something That Matters: Finding a Good Beer, well that is if you are from New York City.

Here's one for your Friday afternoon daydreams: BeerMenus is great new little website that tracks bars' beer selection so you can search for a particular bar and find out what's available.

Even better is the reverse. Just type in your favorite beer and BeerMenus will tell you where you can find it on tap (or in a bottle if that’s your thing). Think of it as MenuPages for beer.

The site uses a nice Google Map to show all the locations where your favorite beer can be found and even let’s you know how much it will set you back (a handy self-reminder of why I don’t live in NYC — beer is really expensive).

The big catch is that right now BeerMenus is only available for some 170 bars in Manhattan, which doesn’t help the majority of us, but it’s a start.

Curiously, while you can submit bars and their beer menus, the form only accepts submissions for Manhattan locations. A comment from one of the developers on the site’s blog suggests that additional burroughs like Brooklyn and Queens are coming soon, but no word on when the site will support non-NYC locations.

In the mean time I’m suddenly thirsty; fortunately I keep my own favorite beer in the fridge.


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I love the idea of this site, I think I need to contact Will and Eric over there at BeerMenus and talk expansion!

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