Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Latest NVIDIA GT200 News

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Nvidia Corp. said at a press conference that it plans to launch its next-generation graphics processor this Summer. The new product code-named GT200, is projected to release in June or July and supposedly will dethrone the current flagship GeForce 9800 GX2.

Information on the new cards is sparse and often times conflicting. About the only specs that have been consistent are that the new card is projected to consist of about one billion transistors and feature “around” 200 unified shader processors and that the card will be based on a 55nm technology.

Unlike AMD/ATI, NVIDIA is not expected to use GDDR5. Instead it will go for a more complex PCB with GDDR3, which means a wider bus instead of higher memory frequency. GDDR3 chips tops out at 1100MHz today. We expect GT200 to use these chips, and with a 512-bit bus it puts it on par with RV770 and its 256-bit bus and 4GHz GDDR5 memory.

VR-Zone reports that the new GeForce 9900 GTX and GeForce 9900 GT will be based on the new GT200 architecture, however Nordic Hardware suggested that the 9900 series will be based on the 55nm G92b core and won't be based off the GT200.

Reports are also conflicting as to whether the Nvidia GT200 sports DirectX 10.1 feature-set or are compatible with DirectX 10 only. This is one area that has been of concern to Nvidia fans of late. Their recent releases have all been high end cards, faster than previous releases, but none have come with additional features.

Speculation aside, as of right now Nvidia is dominating the GPU market. AMD/ATI has released a few good products but nothing blockbuster like those that Nvidia is putting out there. Hopefully this summer we'll see that change a little when AMD releases the RV770/HD 4000 series cards.

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