Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gamers for Net Neutrality Launches

A grassroots movement featuring a joint undertaking of the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA), SavetheInternet.com and Games for Change was announced today.

Gamers for Net Neutrality seeks to raise awareness and get gamers together to fight for Net Neutrality. The mission is to engage video game players in the real world fight to protect a free and open internet.

Stand up for your gaming rights and join more than 1.5 million Americans of every political persuasion in the fight for Net Neutrality — the principle that ensures that gamers are free to go where they want, do what they like, and connect with whom they choose online.

Without Net Neutrality, your Internet Service Provider is free to charge you extra for playing World of Warcraft®, to interfere with Xbox Live®, or to completely shut off your ability to access your favorite Web sites. Net Neutrality affects your entire online experience!

Join Gamers for Net Neutrality. Together, we'll fight to protect Internet freedom and find innovative ways to educate the entire gaming community about the importance of this issue.

“Gamers make up a large percentage of internet users, so our goal with the launch of Gamers for Net Neutrality is to raise awareness and increase advocacy within this space,” said Jennifer Mercurio, ECA Director of Government Affairs. “Today’s roll out is the culmination of a tremendous amount of collaboration and good will between the ECA, SavetheInternet.com, Games for Change, and other leading non-profit voices working together to protect consumer rights and keep the internet unbiased and unchanged. We’re extremely proud of this initiative, and look forward to its continued growth and progress.”

"Net Neutrality is the single biggest public policy issue facing our communities today - as educators, non-profits, small businesses and the arts, we all deserve open and equal access to the internet," says Suzanne Seggerman, President and Co-founder of Games for Change. "Why let the telecom giants dictate what speed we play our games, view our video, or listen to music? Gamers, as one of the largest audiences on the internet, need to act now - before it's too late."

For more information on Gamers for Net Neutrality, please visit www.GamersforNetNeutrality.org.

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