Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stupid News Of The Week

When Craigslist attacks!
Brandon and Amber Herbert are the married criminal masterminds that attempted to masquerade their recent home burglary by posting a bogus invitation on Craigslist. The couple attempted to masquerade their recent home burglary and ransacking of a Pacific Northwest domicile by posting a bogus “come get all my crap — FREE!” invitation on the oft-demonized online community.

Couple sues Google for posting house pix
A western Pennsylvania couple has sued Google Inc., saying pictures of their home on its Web site violate their privacy and devalued their property.

Images of the home Aaron and Christine Boring bought in the Pittsburgh suburb of Franklin Park in October 2006 appeared on Google's "Street View" feature, which allows users to find street-level photos by clicking on a map.

"A major component of their purchase decision was a desire for privacy," according to their complaint, filed Wednesday in state court, which also says the couple suffered mental distress.

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