Tuesday, May 11, 2010

EA Charging Gamers $10 Fee For Using Used Games Online

Beginning with July's release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 on Xbox 360 and PS3, EA Sports is introducing Online Pass, a unique access code which enables online functionality for a EA Sports title. The catch? These codes will be supplied with new copies of games.

Andrew Wilson, Senior Vice President of World Wide Development, EA SPORTS says, "It’s quite simple – every game will come with a game-specific, one-time use registration code with each unit sold new at retail. With your Online Pass, you’ll have access to multiplayer online play, group features like online dynasty and leagues, user created content, and bonus downloadable content for your game including, for example, a new driver in Tiger. If the original access code has been redeemed and fans wish to get access to the online content (for example, if you pick up a used copy), you can access a free 7-day trial or additional Online Passes will be available for $10."

Obviously most gamers gamers are fairly unhappy about this, and many view it as a used game tax. User C-lo_3o5 writes, "This is ********! Whether i buy a game at the store or i buy a used copy EA has already made money off of that sale! Why should I have to pay extra to allow me to do something the game is supposed to come with? It just looks like a way for you guys to make more money."

It looks to me like RA might really be trying to stick it to the second market user!

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