Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update: Apple Controls iPad Sales Just Says No To Cash

Yesterday we covered the story of a California woman, Diane Campbell, who had worked hard saving her cold hard cash in the hopes of going to an Apple Store and buying an iPad.

Today it seems Apple has recanted their stance on "no cash sales" for the iPad.

Campbell had contacted ABC television affiliate KGO, which ran her story on 7 On Your Side, a watchdog group fighting for consumer rights. According to KGO after hearing the story, in which Campbell asked Steve Jobs to "give a sister a break," Apple decided to reverse its no cash policy and allow cash customers.

"We want to make sure it's as fair as possible for people to get iPads," Ron Johnson, a senior vice president at Apple, told KGO, adding that the company decided to change its policy after hearing Campbell's story. He also had two Apple employees personally deliver an iPad to her house for free.

According to Apple, anyone who would like to pay cash for the iPad at an Apple Store can now do so. The only catch is that cash buyers must create an Apple account in the store. Those who pay with a credit or debit card can set up their Apple accounts at home.

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