Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hulu Announces Hulu Plus $10 A Month Subscription Service

No longer do we need to sit back and listen to the rumors and speculation as today the fine folks over at Hulu announced the limited launch of Hulu Plus.

The new ad-supported premium subscription service will run users $9.99 per month and includes HD access to full season runs of shows from Fox, ABC, and NBC. Hulu Plus will work across a multitude of platforms, including PCs, the iPad, iPhone, some Samsung Blu-ray players, and soon, the PlayStation 3. The service is currently only available to select Hulu members who have been invited — you can request an invite here.

hint: If you want to get an invite a little faster follow Hulu on Twitter ( www.twitter.com/hulu) or “Like” Hulu on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/hulu), they have suggested that they will be handing out invites to a random set if friends from each of those groups from time to time over the coming months.

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