Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not To Late To Join The Crysis 2 Beta Program

Electronic Arts officially relaunched the My Crysis website with a new design just in time for Crysis 2. The newly designed site features loads of Crysis 2 information as well as, and here is the exciting part, a chance to sign-up for early registrations for the upcoming Crysis 2 Beta Program.

Details on the beta program are a bit sketchy but what we do know is in order to participate gamers will need to register for a username with the new website. Unfortunately, there's no information in regards to platforms, the beta's overall size and contents, or when the program/demo will actually launch. Still, there's the blurb announcing the beta before the original site officially went offline:

Looking to get your hands on Crysis 2 early? Now is your chance! Early registrations will be tracked, and our first wave of users will have a chance to win a key as and when the Crysis 2 beta takes place. All you need to do is sign up early and one day in the near future you may be receiving a mail with an invite to the game.

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