Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Rumor Mill

With the iPhone 5, the latest in the series of phenomenally successful iPhone series of mobile handsets from Apple, now widely believed to be in production, rumors are continuing to spread amongst those desperate to find out what features the newest iPhone model will offer users. It is believed that several prototypes for the iPhone are currently circulating within the company, but also that all of these various prototypes include features that mark them out as separate from the 4 and 4S models of the iPhone – including display of 4 inches and more and basic forms that are longer and wider than those of these models.

When it comes to the shape of the iPhone 5, while it is set to be larger in general than previous iPhones, but is still set to be a rectangle, rather than the teardrop form that many rumors had led consumers to expect. However in addition to the bigger 4 inch display expected (compared with 3.5 inches on previous iPhones), which will enable Apple to compete with phones produced by rivals such as Samsung in providing users with an experience which is more immersive, the iPhone 5 is set to offer a range of improved features including a better level of display resolution thanks to better density of pixels. This should make the experience of watching films more enjoyable and also improve the quality of photographs and films produced using the phone itself.

It is also widely believed that Apple plans to incorporate the LTE high speed network that was included as part of the most recent iPad. This was the first iDevice produced by Apple to have this feature and, given that the company originally wished it to be incorporated into the iPhone 4S before accepting that it would have meant too many compromises with the basic design of the phone, it seems virtually certain that they will wish the iPhone 5 to have this feature.

iPhone 5 release date?

When will we see the iPhone 5? Well that depends on who you choose to believe. According to some reports employees at Foxconn have said the next iPhone will launch in June. Other Foxconn employees have reportedly said the iPhone 5 will launch in September or October. Several analysts have suggested it'll arrive in August or September. When it comes down to it only Apple knows.

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