Sunday, April 08, 2012

Having GPS Issues With Your Transformer Prime? ASUS Offers Free GPS Kit

Owners of the very popular ASUS Transformer Prime tablet that have been experiencing issues with GPS on their device will be relieved to hear that the company will soon be offering a fix.

ASUS has confirmed that despite their attempts at an OTA software fix the Transformer Prime's satellite blindness remains. In a more direct approach at fixing the tablet's GPS reception woes ASUS will be issuing a hardware based fix in the form of a free dongle that "may help improve signal reception and optimize the user experience."

New ASUS Transformer Prime owners registering their tablets on ASUS' member site are now being greeted with an application for a GPS Extension Kit. Owners who had previously registered their device might not have been greeted with the same page, nonetheless they will be eligible for the free dongle. Several reports over the weekend indicated that the company will officially announce its plans on April 16th, at which time ASUS will provide all Prime owners with the official link for users to register for their free dongle.

According to a series of emails posted by an XDA forums user (the forum post appears to have been deleted), the kit is due to ship in mid-April, and will "be a flush fit on the bottom of the unit if held in landscape, matching the color of your Prime Chassis."

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