Friday, April 27, 2012

Avast Releases Free Antimalware Security Software For Mac OS X

Popular security vendor Avast has announced the release of its popular antimalware and security software for Mac OS X, the best part, its free!

On the heels of the widespread infection from the highly publicized Flashback Trojan many Mac users have begun looking for antimalware and security software for their Macs. Until now there has been a relatively small market for such software leaving users with very few alternatives and even fewer free options. Looking to branch out in the market Avast has released the new avast! Free Antivirus for Mac.
The new avast! Free Antivirus for Mac is a full-fledged security app; shielding users from incoming malware, sending and receiving infected files, and scanning computers for threats. It is completely free for all users – home consumers and businesses.
avast! Free Antivirus for Mac is based on the new avast! 7 antivirus engine avast! that is already used by over 150 million active Windows users. The new app provides Mac users with a full fledged security suite offering multiple levels of protection. You'll see direct email scanning and direct system scans. There is also built web based protections using WebRep, an anti-phishing/web reputation plugin that combines user-submitted comments with Virus Lab detection and blocking of phishing sites.

 If you want to check it out you can download it at If you try it out lest us know what you think in the comments section below.


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    I downloaded and tried this last night on my MacBookPro running OS X 10.6.8. After 22 hours of scanning the HD (in addition to my back-up time machine drive) I stopped the scan. It left me with 47 warnings that I don't know what to do with.
    Is this a reasonable time for a scan of the two drives or is something wrong?
    What do I do with these 47 warnings?

    1. Well that's really hard to say, how large of drives are we talking here and how much data is on them. You have to keep in mind the larger the drives and more files it has to scan the longer it is going to take. Secondly what settings are you using? I'm personally not very familiar with the software but if you are doing deep scans as apposed to a quick scan those tend to take longer.

      What to do with the warning really depends on what they are. In general I remove anything that shows up.

      I was going to suggest creating a post in the Avast User forums, but it looks like you might already have.


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