Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still Using Older Version Of Mac OSX And MobileMe? Apple Is Offering Free Upgrades

If you are an Apple Mac OSX and MobileMe user that for some reason hasn't made the move and upgraded to Snow Leopard yet you are in luck. Apple is offering you a chance to do so for free.

Later this year Apple will be shutting down MobileMe, their subscription-based set of online services, in favor of their newly announced cloud offering iCloud. Since iCloud is only supported in Mac OSX Snow Leopard and the soon to be released Mountain Lion Apple is offering all current MobileMe subscribers a free hard copy of Snow Leopard.

FAQs about the MobileMe transition to iCloud

The move appears to be a good faith offering in the hopes that Apple will keep their loyal fans and move them along the upgrade path. Most likely hoping they will upgrade all the way to Mountain Lion once it has been officially released.

You can request a free Snow Leopard DVD at

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