Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nokia Offers Lumia 900 Owners Replacement and $100 Credit For WiFi Bug

Nokia has confirmed a software bug resulting in Wi-Fi connectivity issues on the company's flagship Windows Phone 7 based Lumia 900.

Late Tuesday Nokia issued an apology to customers and owned up to its mistake stating that there was an issue with the phone's software -- specifically a memory management issue -- and not an underlying issue with the phones hardware, OS or the AT&T network.

This issue is purely in the phone software, and is not related to either phone hardware or the network itself. As a proactive and prudent measure, we decided to take immediate action. We have identified the issue, and have developed a solution.

Nokia will be issuing a software based patch for users next week. However, they are offering anyone that has already purchased a Lumia 900 the following two options:
  1. Swap your current Lumia 900 for an updated Lumia 900. This should fix any WiFi issues
  2. Keep your current phone and you will be able to update your own device with the latest software via Zune on or around Monday, April 16th.
As a gesture of good will Nokia is also offering every individual who has already purchased a Nokia Lumia 900 — or who plans to purchase one between now and April 21st – a $100 credit to their AT&T bill.

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