Monday, May 14, 2012

"Welcome to Life" A Geeks View Of What Your Digital Afterlife Might Be

Ever thought about the digital afterlife, you know the one. The geeks dream of uploading your collective consciousness onto a server somewhere and keeping yourself alive through computer interface and online interaction. Well blogger Tom Scott created a video that has put things into perspective for us and now we are re-thinking what that afterlife might be!

In a video called “Welcome to Life,” Scott shows his view of what a digital afterlife might be like. Even more more specifically, he touches on the corporate side of things, with plans, digital advertising, terms of service and even copyright concerns. The video gives viewers a glimpse at what that first after death interaction might consist of.

Given the current state of the internet and the world we live in you have to admit this might not be far from the reality of what could happen. I mean should the technology every be created of course!

Video via Tom Scott

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