Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Windows 8 Release Preview Available Tomorrow

 *Update: The Windows 8 Release Preview site is now live and the full download is now available.

Several reports are indicating that Microsoft has let slip the details of what looks to be the final release preview of Windows 8 and it looks like the wait is over.

According to ZDnet (and a few other sites) Microsoft accidentally posted blog post on the Windows Hardware and Driver Developer blog outlining plans for the availability for the Release Preview with a “download here” link that is slated to go live on May 31. The post has since been pulled but it wasn't fast enough as a few tech bloggers snagged screen shots and copies of the links.

There have been a number leaks of the Windows 8 Developer Preview, with several recent copies coming out of China. User that don't want to wait might find them via torrent, however I really don't recommend that route.

We tried the Windows 8 Consumer Preview when it was first released. All things considered I doubt I'll try the next release which is more or less a release candidate that should feature most if not all of the changes Microsoft is building into the new OS.

Microsoft officials still haven’t said when they expect a release to manufacturing build of Windows 8 will be ready, nor have they hinted as to when it will be widely available to consumers. Previous reports and speculation have pegged the launch and general availability of Windows 8 for October of this year. Microsoft has already announced the Windows 8 Product Lineup as well as a Windows 8 upgrade promotion so we could see a RTM well before the back to school season.

Windows 8 Release Preview: Download here (not active until May 31st)
Windows 8 Driver Kit: Download here (not active until May 31st)
Visual Studio 2012 Professional: Download here (not active until May 31st)

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