Monday, May 14, 2012

Windows 8 Upgrade Promotion Details Leaked

With the past few Windows updates Microsoft has offered OEM customers and would be early adopters a deal which features low-cost, or free upgrades from the current operating system on their pre-built computers to the soon to be released next generation OS. This time around it looks like MS is going to change the details of that promotion and add a bit off a cost, but with a bit more reward.

Reports from Neowin and popular Windows blogger Paul Thurrott are indicating the confirmation of a Windows 8 Pro promotion at the cost of just $14.99 USD. The promotion will be for all Windows 7 systems running the Home Basic edition or higher and will give customers the right to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro edition. While the added fee is something new the addition of the ability to upgrade from any previous version of Windows 7 to the new Pro Edition of Windows 8 is something new and a bit of a benefit for most users.

In the past users were offered an equivalent edition upgrade Home to Home, Pro to Pro ect. According to the reports this promotion is for any edition, Home Premium and up, to get an upgrade to Pro. So it's kind of like an AnyTime Upgrade and an OS upgrade all wrapped in one.

According to the leaked marketing material and the sources cites anyone purchasing a pre-built Windows 7 system (Dell, HP ect) after June 2, when Microsoft’s promotional campaign begins, will be eligible for an upgrade from their current Windows 7 Operating system to Windows 8 Pro at that price. That price tag is also specific to the US; regional pricing variations will likely apply.

More details on the promotion will likely surface as we get closer to the June 2nd starting date so stay tuned and we'll update you ass needed.

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