Wednesday, March 02, 2011

How To Get Top Dollar For Your Used iPad

So the iPad 2 is out and you can't wait to get your hands on it but you don't know what to do with that old iPad you have sitting there on your desk. You have a couple options: you can sale it yourself via Craigslist or eBay or you could try one of the many trade-in programs out there. The choice is going to be a tough one and one will net you more cash than the other. So weight your options before making your decision.

You want top dollar you say

Selling your used iPad yourself is really the best way to get the most money. This however comes with a few drawbacks. First off you have to make sure you wipe away any personal data. You don't want the next owner getting copies of those private emails or potentially having access to stored passwords or anything else that might be used to access your personal information. Second you have to take the time to list it and possibly answer a magnitude of questions. If you list it on Craigslist you have to deal with potential of meeting buyers and perhaps dealing with them for the exchange. Third you have those pesky eBay and PayPal fees and maybe even unscrupulous buyers that try to scam you.

All these can be rather time consuming, annoying and potentially risky so you might want to look into a trade-in program. These are generally quicker, easier and more reliable but will cost you in the long run.

Trade-in Programs and how they work

There are several options when it comes to trade-in programs and some are better than others. Some give you cold hard cash via a visa gift card or PayPal while others force store gift cards on you. I'd recommend skipping the later unless of course you get a really really good deal or plan to shop at that particular store anyways.

Most all trade-in programs work the same way. You visit the site of the program you like, enter the information on the device (say iPad 16GB WiFi model), describe the condition (working great, none working, ect) and any accessories you have (power cords, cases ect)  and then they give you a value. If you like the price they give you you then confirm your deal. In most cases they will send you all the packing materials and pay for the shipping cost. All you need to do is box it up securely and send it off.

Yes you'll have to ship them your iPad and yes this can be risky so do your homework and make sure you can trust the site you choose. Go with a well know site, do just pick something at random and remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

Once you have shipped them your iPad they will evaluate it to make sure that it is in working order or at least in the condition you described to them. If anything is not up to snuff they will let you know and might rescind their original offer. You WILL have the chance of accepting or declining this new offer if one is made. If you don't like the new offer they will ship your iPad back to you. For the vast majority of items, payment is issued within a week once your items arrive and has been evaluated.

Which site is best?

The site you choose is entirely up to you but I suggest checking with a few different ones to see what they are offering. You might get a few dollars more at most but you never know. Best,,, and are amongst the top site out there. PowerMax is another option as an Apple Authorized Specialist and I'm sure there are more. Just make sure you do your homework and pick a reputable site.

So how much can I expect?

At the time of this post, the following iPads, if in perfect condition with all the accessories, would yield the following amounts on
  • Apple iPad 16GB WiFi: $300
  • Apple iPad 16GB WiFi+3G: $320
  • Apple iPad 32GB WiFi: $340
  • Apple iPad 32GB WiFi+3G: $350
  • Apple iPad 64GB WiFi: $405
  • Apple iPad 64GB WiFi+3G: $510
*These are a drop from earlier in the day when they were anywhere from $50-75 higher

eBay currently remains the best place to sell your iPad. Based off resale prices of a 32GB iPad Wi-Fi+3G in excellent condition the average final price from 25 completed listings is about $580. This will likely fluctuate as more and more people list their iPads and auction become convoluted so be prepared for the fact you may not get as much as others or as much as you think you might. eBay's instant sale site is another great option for those looking to leave out the hassle of dealing with auctions. Just keep in mind in most cases you'll get hit with eBay listing fees, final value fees and possibly PayPal fees.

Sale now or what until later?

Honestly, in my opinion and opinion only, if you have an iPad now the iPad 2 isn't enough of an upgrade to warrant spending a couple hundred dollars. Sure its the newest thing on the market and it has that new dual core chip. But can you say you would even notice. Not likely! If however you can't wait and absolutely must have it on March 11th when it comes out then by all means sale ASAP. As more and more iPads hit the market the price will come down.


  1. Well, I can buy those iPad for 5$ if anyone want to sell :D
    seriously, this is becoming a problem - i have to many ipods, dont know what to do with them. Not mentioning iphone :)


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