Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NVIDIA Teaser Video Promises Big Things Tomorrow

NVIDIA is trying to build a little hype for tomorrow's release of their "next generation" graphics card. What may it be you ask well unless that have something totally shocking that no one has heard rumors of its the new Nvidia Geforce GTX 590 dual-GPU card. The card has been delayed a few times but speculations says it should be releasing tomorrow.

The GTX 590 combines two of NVIDIA's massive GF110 GPUs on one package menaing the GTX 590 is essentially a down-clocked GTX 580 SLI setup compacted into a single dual height card. The GTX 590 packs 1024 CUDA processors, 128 texturing units, 96 ROP units as well as dual 384-bit memory buses with the clock speeds set as 612 MHz for the core and 3420 MHz for the 3GB GDDR5.

Pricing is expected to be $699. We'll have more details of the release, final specs and benchmarks as they are released tomorrow.

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