Thursday, March 10, 2011

YouTube Now Hiring What You Need To Know

Google today announced that the company will be increasing the number of people working at YouTube by more than 30% at various positions and locations around the world. The company currently has about 650 employees meaning a 30% increase would mean YouTube could hire close to 200 more staffers this year.

Want to work for Google? Well here is a list of the positions they are looking to fill:

Current openings

What’s it like to work at YouTube?

YouTube is an extremely team-oriented, creative workplace where every single employee has a voice in the choices we make and the features we implement. We work together in small teams to design, develop, and roll out key features and products in very short time frames. Which means something you write today could be seen by millions of viewers tomorrow. And even though we’re a part of Google and enjoy all of the corporate perks, it still feels like you’re working at a startup.

Good luck to all those that apply, I've heard nothing but great things about working for the company and would love to learn some of our readers were the next Googlers to make the team. You may want to watch some of these video to learn more about working at YouTube.

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