Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Officially Released

Microsoft has officially released the company's latest version of Internet Explorer, IE 9. Users wanting to try out the latest version can download IE9 here.

I've been running the beta and release candidate and have to say IE9 is by far my favorite version to date. It is far snappier than previous version. The tab function is much improved, there are more add-ons that have greater functionality and feel and the overall fit and finish of the browser seem much cleaner than previous releases.

As expected IE 9 features almost all of the enhancements shown in both the beta and release candidate. With improvements made to the new Tracking Protection feature, several user interface tweaks, more support for the emerging web standards like HTML support as well as support for Canvas, SVG and CSS3 properties. There were also improvements made to the InPrivate filtering feature. This new feature allows users to filter out content from external domains, such as Google Analytics scripts, Facebook buttons, counting pixels and externally hosted scripts. It uses blacklists and whitelists, making it similar to ad blocker extensions such as AdBlock Plus. Microsoft does not itself intend to publish tracking protection lists, but does host them.

On the performance end Microsoft has tweaked the JavaScript engine which according to MS now offers JavaScript performance comparable to that of Google's Chrome 10 and Firefox 4. During my initial use I can say it feels faster than previous versions of IE but I don't see it being anywhere near the speeds of Chrome. MS is also boasting greater hardware acceleration with additional tuning for low-end GPUs

More information is available at http://www.BeautyoftheWeb.com and for more on the new features and design changes see what's changed.

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